Hair Mask Magic

Sassy Nation, I know that I have been MIA for a bit and that it because between travel for my day job and getting sick it has been kind of hard to get some blog post in. I am back and ready to share some good stuff with all of you.  You all know that my… Continue reading Hair Mask Magic

#WCW- Beach House Waxing

Sassy Nation, This week for my #WCW, I want to share with you all Beach House Waxing, a women-owned business providing great waxing services. She really does a great job and will educate you on everything. Plus she has all natural products to offer her clients. I discovered her on Instagram and decided to take… Continue reading #WCW- Beach House Waxing

Sassy Life Lesson- Your voice/ your advocacy

December 5, 2017 - Your voice, your advocacy Sassy Nation, Lately, life has put me in a situation where I have had to use my voice to advocate for either myself or those that I love. After I had advocated in every situation I asked myself the same question: why do I need to be… Continue reading Sassy Life Lesson- Your voice/ your advocacy

Sassy Life Lesson- Be respectful

November 30, 2017- Remember one another..... Sassy Nation, I hope everyone had a great holiday season, some well deserved time off and some great time to spend with loved ones. Today I want to share with everyone how we have a responsibility to each other as humans to be kind and to each other well… Continue reading Sassy Life Lesson- Be respectful

Sassy Life Lesson – who you are

Hey Sassy Ones, I hope that all of you are getting ready to have an amazing weekend! The whole point to this part of the page is for me to share with you all some of the wisdom I've learned from my years of living. It was interesting when about a week ago, I was… Continue reading Sassy Life Lesson – who you are

Sassy Finance -Credit Cards

*I originally wrote this back before the holiday season but a lot of the information still applies. Anything relates to this type of stuff will be labeled Sassy Finance then the name of the topic I have spent a great deal of time working in the financial services sector and something I have found is… Continue reading Sassy Finance -Credit Cards

Sassy Page Updates

Sassy Nation, I hope everyone is having a great week. I want to announce that I have decided to make some updates to the page. The whole point me starting this blog is to share my love of makeup, life lessons and finances which I have learned over the years. I know that since I… Continue reading Sassy Page Updates

Gratitude #6

Sassy Nation, Yes, I know that I lost track of these for several days. What can I say, life stuff happens but I'm back here to finish up the 30 days (which for me has now turned into 30 prompts of gratitude): Prompt #6: What in nature are you grateful for? I will start off… Continue reading Gratitude #6