Curlsmith has arrived!

Sassy Nation, I hope everyone is having a great holiday season so far. This winter has been rough on my luscious curls and no matter how many deep treatments I do and no matter how much moisturizing conditioner and cowash I use, my curls have still felt dry. For those of you that follow me… Continue reading Curlsmith has arrived!

Night time Skin Care December 2017

Sassy Nation, As a follow up to my day time skin care routine. I am now also sharing my night time routine along with all the products I use to get my skin prepared for my beauty rest time. Yes rest is important to skin care, trust me the less you sleep the more your… Continue reading Night time Skin Care December 2017

Morning Skin Care November 2017

This blog post comes in response to a picture I posted on Instagram recently. (Yes, I'm on Instagram, you can follow me @thesassygenius) The most common question I have been asked from the picture has nothing to do with my makeup but how do I care for my skin to make sure the makeup I… Continue reading Morning Skin Care November 2017