When I see the word “about” i think of two things: (1) you are probably wondering what this whole element of sass thing is all about and (2) who am I and what am I all about. I will address both.

Why elements of sass? I thought long and hard about the name of this blog and decided to go with this, because it embraces part of who I am. All my life I have been told that I have something special an “it factor”, it is the something that sets me apart. I have never been able to quite describe it until now. Recently, I’ve had some time to reflect and I have come to the conclusion that it is sass. This one word describes my energy when I am passionate, sad, upset, or even neutral. At every point in my life I have always had a little bit (or a lot) of sass. Over the years I have learned to channel my sass to help me along this journey called life. I believe that everyone has a little bit of sass in them and that with that there are certain elements that make up the sass any by extension make up who we are. Society and social norms tell us we must keep this sass hidden, and no one should see it because others may feel uncomfortable or that it’s rude. I’m here because I believe we all need to accept our sass and learn to work/embrace it. We must also accept the sass of others and not be offended by it. I’m here to in part share how I discovered my sass but also to share what I have learned (and continue to learn) along the way (i’m hoping you will share with me as well).


Who am I? The full answer to this will probably be revealed throughout this blog. For now, I shall tell you the basics. Currently, I’m a 32 year old that loves reading, makeup, friendships, and making a good impact in the world. I’m not a professional makeup artist, I am a consumer just like you. I have tested a lot of products and know what I like and what I don’t like. For some reason the powers that be have made it so that all my friends always come to me for make up and I always recommend. I am a person for which 90% of things come to me after a fight or a struggle of some sort. To sum it I’ve been told I’m an enigma dipped in a conundrum, but at the end of that day I look to be happy, help others and make an impact in the world. One of the constants in all of these has been makeup. On this blog you will also find a section titled “The Heartful Life” this section of the blog is to share my journey as a Latina in the professional world. I have been through a lot and I think I have some wisdom to share.

For those of you who would love to interact with me or want to pose a question I should answer on this blog, email me at elementsofsass2015@gmail.com or complete the form below




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