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Sassy Nation,

Happy Saturday! I hope everyone is doing well and being safe wherever you are. First off let’s begin by addressing the thought most of your are having. What is up with this whole Sassy Share series of blog post? Well let me explain. I know that originally I started this to share my love of make up with the Sassy Nation. I have learned along the way that I have much more information than just makeup information and reviews to offer the world. It is my firm belief that if you have information that can help someone else, you should share it. Hence Sassy Share was born. Today in the Sassy Share I will be talking about thredUP

Why thredUP?

A few months ago, I decided that I just have too much stuff. Primarily clothes that sit there and either a) no longer fit or b) for some reason or another I just don’t reach for those articles of clothing. I decided I needed to get rid of it all and it would be great if I could make some money off all these pieces. I started by using another platform that required me to take pictures price the items and then ship them out. That became very time consuming and I needed something simpler. After some google research, viewing ads on both Facebook and Instagram I found thredUP.

As a seller.

I have sold a lot of items on thredUP as you probably saw in the image to this blog post. I will say that to sell clothes thredUP has made that process super simple. I have seen some people on social media complain about the percentage thredUP takes as being high. Personally I think it is worth it considering I just sent my stuff to them and they take the pictures, list my clothes, ship it out, have an algorithm to determine what price will get my items sold plus they deal with any returns with people. I will also add that as it relates to price they do provide you the seller with the opportunity to log on and adjust prices.

How to get you stuff to them?

Before you send them clothes you will have to set up an account. Once your account is all set up you login and go to the clean out section. Normally (I mean non-pandemic times) you have to select either a) you print out a label (prepaid), place on the clothes in a box you have at home. place the label on it and drop it off at your local postal office to be sent to thredUP or B) you can request that they send you a bag with a prepaid label on it which you in turn just fill and drop off at the post office.

I have done both of these and they both work out great. When available I usually go with option A and that is how I reuse the boxes I get from my Amazon deliveries. Great way to recycle. Keep in mind that each package you send can be no more than 30 pounds I believe.

Once your item(s) sell and are not returned the funds you earn are stored into you account and you have the following options a) you can use the funds to buy other clothes they have on the site, b) you can have the funds transferred to your Paypal account in which there is a 2% fee that is charged with the transfer, c) you can transfer the funds to your account using Stripe, or d) you can use your funds as a shopping credit on one of their partner websites. When you click on cash out they will give you a list of all the places where you can use your shopping credit.

Click here to start the process of cleaning out your closet.

As a buyer

Once I began to use thredUP as a seller and enjoyed the experience I decided I should take a look at the inventory they have for plus size women (as I am plus size). I was not only surprised to see that they had a good number of items but the prices were great as well. I got several blazers for work at a fraction of the cost that I would have paid for them had I gone to the store. Also many of the items I purchased were new with the tags still attached. I saved a lot of money by purchasing from thredUP. Again, I have learned that as much as I put off buying clothes that I need sometimes eventually it gets to the point where I have to buy certain pieces. I may as well save some money if I can and use my savings to increase the dollar amount in my savings account.

Click here to clean out your closet and get expedited processing on what you send in.

Click here to get $20 to spend on thredUP as a buyer and take advantage of some great deals on clothes.

I have enjoyed using thredUP both as a buyer and seller. I have both made money and saved money by shopping on there. If you want to make money by selling your old stuff and save money on future clothes purchases, I would high recommend you try thredUP. Every time I send in clothes in I earn points which I use later on for free shipping and discounts.

Many Hugs and good vibes from me to you.

-The Sassy Genius

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