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What is it called? 1UP Nutrition Beauty Dream

Why I like it? As you all know I have been on my own journey of getting healthy and I decided to incorporate supplements into my routine. This is the first bottle I have finished and I have already started my second one. I have always had trouble sleeping since I was a teenager so when I discovered that there was a supplement that could not only help me sleep and help give me the vitamins I need, I had to try it. Let me tell you this product did not let me down. I take 2 capsules before bedtime and when I fall asleep I am out. I am able to sleep through the night without waking up. In the morning when I wake up I don’t feel as tired as I usually do. The fact that it promotes weight loss during my sleep is a plus.

What would make me love it more? Nothing, I think it is great as is.

Where you can get it? Click here to go to the 1UP Nutrition website and get 20% off your order.

What is it called? RMS Beauty Makeup Remover Wipe

Why I like it? We all know to keep your skin healthy all of your makeup should come off at the end of your day. I love a wipe that can remove my makeup with just one wipes and this one does it. The wipe is fully compostable and one contains one ingredient, Coconut oil. When it is cold I do rub the packet in between my hands to warm it up a bit and then I take the wipe out. This wipe has never let me down, it melts my foundation, power, lipstick, eyeliner and even waterproof mascara has come off with these. I love these especially when I use to travel for work and wanted to limit what I was traveling with.

What would make me love it more? Nothing, I love it just the way it is.

Where you can get it? I get mine from Thrive Market Online. I get many of my beauty, cleaning and food items from here at some great prices delivered at my door. I have saved so much time and money by buying through them. The savings alone make the membership worth it. Click here to get 25% off your first order.

What is it called? Hylunia Healing and Restoring Cream Body

Why I like it? The consistency of this cream is perfect. It’s as if a really thick body cream and a lotion came together and created the perfect consistency. Not too thin and not too thick. It just glides onto your skin and quickly absorbs leaving your skin nice and smooth. Also as someone who has eczema I always love it when I can find a lotion that is unscented and paraben free.

What would make me love it more? If it came in a bigger bottle. I always get it in a 6oz bottle.

Where you can get it? I get it from my waxer Viki who owns Beach House waxing. Click here to check out her webpage. You can reach out to her and see might have some in stock. You can also find it on the Hylunia website.

What is it called? Curls So So Smooth Vitamin C Leave In Conditioner

Why I like it? This is a thin consistency leave in conditioner that was absorbed well by my dry curls. It provided my curls with a nice amount of slip which helped with de-tangling my hair. Also if you are into tropical scent you will love this product, every time I opened the bottle I felt I was taking a deep breath on a tropical island. Left my curls in good condition and ready for whatever styling products were next. This is one of those products that plays well with other brands I did enjoy this one.

What would make me love it more? A pump.

Where you can get it? Sleek Shop, click here to get $10 off your first order.

What is it called? Embrace the Curl Creamy Strengthening Mask

Why I like it? This is a lightweight thin consistency mask that absorbed really well into my curls. I left this on over night and when I washed it out in the morning my hair was left feeling soft. I had my doubts and this product surprised me.

What would make me love it more? If the bottle had a pump.

Where you can get it? If you see my videos on IGTV you know that I got this one in my monthly Curly Lox Box. I have checked their site and they still have that box available for purchase on their site. Click here to get Curly Lox Box. It’s the super sampler box vol. 2. You can also find it on the website for Embrace the Curl.

What is it called? Protein Milk Shake in Salted Carmel Latte made by Protein Milk Shake Bar

Why I like it? I have always had a sweet tooth and during my journey of getting healthy I been looking for ways to still get some fulfillment of my sweet tooth so I don’t binge later on really bad stuff. My search led me to find this product. Let me start off by saying this is one of many flavors I have tried from them and none of them have disappointed me. I can literally have one of these shakes for each meal and feel perfectly full throughout the day. I will even sometimes combine these protein powder with my smoothies from daily harvest. They taste exactly like what they say the flavor is which is delicious. Each serving is low in calories, carbs and sugars. Love these as a meal replacement or as dessert you pick.

What would make me love it more? Their main powder is the Birthday Cake which I love. I would love it if all the flavors were available in larger packs and not just the small size.

Where you can get it? Click here to go to the website for Protein Milk Shake Bar.

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Many hugs and good vibes from me to you.

-The Sassy Genius

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