Empties June 2020

Sassy Nation,

I know that it has been a while since I posted one of these. In my defense having surgery did set me back a bit more than I expected. I have gone through some products so I figured since I am feeling a bit better I would share.

What is it called? Curl Conditioning Oil-in-Cream from CURLSMITH

Why I love it? If you have been following me for a while you know that this is a brand I have grown to love and recommend. Although it is targeted to curly hair people such as myself, I will say that I have had people I know who don’t have curly hair use this product and have gotten great results. I don’t know how they do it but the smell of this product takes me to a tropical paradise. This oil to cream I use as my styling cream and I love how it gives my curls moisture and definition. This is a medium thickness cream that I apply using the praying hands method and/or while I scrunch my curls. A little does goes a long way and this will last you a while. It provides a great deal of moisture, don’t let the oil in the name fool you, this does not get greasy nor does it leave a greasy feel on the hair, scalp or hands. In fact my hands always feel super soft after I use this product.

What would make me love it more? As for the product I love it just as it, the formula works great for me. I would love it better if there was a pump with the product. I just love that pump give you the right amount to work with.

Where can I get it? I always get it directly from the CURLSMITH website. Click here to go directly to their site and get a discount on your first order.

What is it called? Hair Bath from the Cashmere and Caviar collection from Curls

Why I love it? This is a great shampoo for wash day. It has activated charcoal which helps to clean the scalp and any build up you may have. There is no scent to this product which I am not upset about. I prefer scentless products. You do want to shake this product well before you use it. I noticed that sometimes the activated charcoal can separate from the rest of shampoo. Other than that I did enjoy using this shampoo. It left my hair and scalp with a clean feeling and ready to accept the moisture of my conditioner.

What would make me love it more? The product formula is great. A pump would make the packaging better.

Where can I get it? This one I got in my box from Curly Lox Box. I know that it is also available on the Sleek Shop website. Click here to get $10 of your first order on Sleek Shop.

What is it called? Miracle Repairx Curl Food Daily Moisturizer by TGIN (Thank God It’s Natural)

Why I love it? I initially found this brand browsing on the website while I was looking for some leave in conditioners and I came across this brand. I love that there are all natural ingredients. This is a medium consistency cream that has a pleasant scent. It melted into my curls and provided a good amount of moisture. I also noticed that it also helped with my curl definition.

What would make me love it more? I did enjoy the formula very much as is. I would love a pump however I could see how this and other formulas may be too thick for a pump.

Where can I get it? I got this one on Ulta’s website. Click here to go directly to see all the products from TGIN.

Sassy Side Note: I did have a fourth product however that product has been discontinued and I figured it would be best to not share it since you wouldn’t be able to go get a hold of it.

Sassy PSA: Wear a mask!

“Great Things never come from comfort zones” (Don’t know who this quote is from and it seems important that we remember this.)

Many hugs and good vibes from me to all of you

-The Sassy Genius

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