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Discount 100% Pure: Hand Sanitizer and Body Wash

Sassy Nation,

I know that with everyone having to stay home at this time many of you are looking to find what you need to move forward with basic hygiene online. Which is why I want to share with you this sale that 100% pure is having and you can stock up on some items.

You all know that I love their shower gels. My favorites are Eucalyptus and the Pink Grapefruit. They are both such clean scents, the foam up great and a little goes a long way so you really get your moneys worth. They use some natural ingredients and they do not irritate my skin. They also leave no residue when I wash them off.

With this discount I myself just placed an order.

I was also really impressed to see that they have and all natural hand sanitizer spray that is available for purchase. Everyone needs hand sanitizer all the time.

So here is how the discounts work:

When you purchase 2 items you get 15% with Code SELFCARE15

When you purchase 3 items you get 25% with Code SELFCARE25

When you purchase 4 items you get 35% with Code SELFCARE35

That right there already has you saving money.

Also keep in mind that if you use Rakuten you can earn case back on your purchase. For those that don’t know what Rakuten is. It is a website that allows you to earn cash back on some of your online purchases. I have been using this service for over a year now and yes I get a check in the mail that I then deposit in my account. I actually have their extension in my web browser so anytime there is cash back available on a site I am about to make a purchase the logo flashes and with one click I start earning my cash back. Click here to go sign up for free and start earning your cash back today.

Once you have Rakuten all set up and ready to go the head on over to 100% Pure. Click here to get yourself some hand sanitizer. Remember don’t go into debt to make this purchase.

Be safe, be health and many good vibes from me to all of you.

-The Sassy Genius


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