Curly Lox Box

Sassy Nation,

First off Happy International Women’s Day! I know you are out there doing some great things in the world. Today I want to talk about a subscription box service that I have had for several months now and I am loving it. If you haven’t heard about Curly Lox Box, let me tell you I recommend it.

Why did I sign up for this subscription box service? For a variety of reasons: 1) If I can avoid going to the store just to look for a few items and avoid having to deal with lines parking and mean people. I am all for it. There are days that I am booked back to back and I don’t have time to go to the store so Curly Lox Box allows me to avoid all that by just arriving at my doorstep on a monthly basis.

Why I love it so much? On a monthly basis, I get 4-5 products and many times full-size products sent to me. (see my IGTV and YouTube for my unboxing videos so that you can see what I get) All of the products I get have natural ingredients and leave my curls feeling and looking great. I love it when they send me products which are travel-friendly.

Where can you go sign up? Click here to go directly to their website to sign up. Also, the price is approximately $27.50 a month. I will say that I get way more than that just in products.  For me, it is worth it since they save me the time of having to go look for products at the store.

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