Empties 2019 Vol. 1

Sassy Nation,

The box where I keep the empty bottles of products I love is getting a little full so I will be sharing here and where you can get them.

Product Name: Alba Botanica Even Advanced Sea Algae Enzyme Scrub

What I love about it: If you are looking for an all-natural scrub that is grainy and will leave your skin feeling so soft. This is the scrub you should try. I started using this scrub on my face to help me with the ingrown hairs I get on my face. Yes, I do get those and that is another story for another time.  To help those ingrown hairs on my face I started to use this scrub. Within 2 days some of the ingrown hairs on my face started to come up so that I could pull them out. My skin was left feeling really soft and I could also tell it was helping with my hyperpigmentation. I liked it so much that I started to use it on my body and let me tell you, it worked just fine. I also felt that after this srub my skincare products were sinking into my skin better. The consistency on this one is thick so you don’t have to worry about the formula running down your hand on to your arm. The tube packaging I am a huge fan of as It is easy to use and I don’t hand to stick my hand in anything.

What would make me love it more: A bigger bottle size and a clear part somewhere on the bottle so that I can tell how much is left and when I should re-order.

Where to get it: I actually get this one from Thrive Market online. They sell lots of good organic food (which I love) and they have skincare and beauty products. They do have an annual membership and with the amount of money, you save it is well worth it. I buy a lot of food products and otherwise and their prices are significantly lower than the grocery stores that are near me. Click here to get 25% off your first order. 

Product Name: 100% Pure Pink Grapefruit Shower Gel

What I love about it: First off I love the crisp clean scent of this. It is a great scent to wake up to in the mornings. I love that this is an all-natural formula without any artificial stuff in it. I had been looking for a grapefruit scrub to help me with the body acne  I have on my arms. I didn’t find any scrubs but I remembered this brand had something like this from my days when I use to work at Bath and Body Works. I went on an online search and I found this body wash which I use with exfoliating gloves and it leaves my skin soft and clean feeling. Grapefruit has been known to be a great astringent and has exfoliating properties. You can tell I love to exfoliate because it is what helps prevent ingrown hairs and helps me to get better results from waxing. A little goes a long way with this one and it provides great lather.

What would make me love it more: A bigger bottle with a pump. The bottle on this one is light enough that if I hold it under a lamp I can see how much is left.

Where to get it: I get this one directly off the website for 100% Pure. Click here for $15.00 off your first purchase.

Product Name: Camille Rose Honey Hydrate from the “Leave-In” Collection

( I am sorry but I lost the pictures for these products and I am sure you have seen them)

What I love: If your hair is having an extra dry period where you need that extra moisture this product will give you the moisture it needs. I love that the ingredients are all-natural. This is a thick leave-in and I have found that if I used enough of this product it works as my leave-in and styler and I have not to need to add any additional products. It can be a little sticky but for the moisture and style ability. It is worth it.

What would make me love it more: I would like a bigger bottle.

Where to get it: I have found that this one is hard to find in stores. So I just order directly off their website. Click here to visit Camille Rose.

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