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Sassy Nation,

You all know that me and my curls cannot live without some serious moisture. On my hair I find that to get the level of moisture I need, I have to use at least one leave in. I was in need of some leave in conditioners and I decided to do some online shopping to see what I could find. I have several products to share with you but as you all know by now, I like to use a product all the way down to the last part of the bottle before I give you guys my thoughts.

I decided to go to the website for Sleek Shop. They have different products and I love going to their self love event during the summer! While I was on there I found this Moisturizing Curl Cream by Saphira.

Back of Saphira Bottle.jpg

What I love: The packaging has a pump. You all know that I love when products come in a pump as it ensures the outside elements don’t get into your product and begin to break down the ingredients that make it great. It’s Paraben free. In an effort to remain cancer free I look for products that avoid Paraben(s) and I love when I am able to fine them. The scent is a fresh floral scent. I am usually not a fan of floral scents but something about this one has me. Also the scent doesn’t last that long so I don’t have to worry about the scent giving me a headache. The texture is not too thin nor is it too thick. I put up a small video about this in my Instagram stories, so go check it out. In case you missed it on the Instagram stories, you will find it below. Since the formula is not too thin or too thick, it glides on to my curls really well. It also gives just enough slip to detangle curls which is super important on refresh days. For my entire hair I would use about 2 pumps.

Food for sassy thought: I will come out and say it. The bottle has 8.5oz and it is $30. It is not really on the affordable side for most people, so if you are on a tight budget you are going to want to make sure you have your spending plan all figured out before you buy this one. I do have good news for you on this one. Click here and you will get $10 off your first order at Sleepshop.com. This should help out a bit. For me this was great as a first moisturizer not really a definer. My second leave in product did most of the defining work. This one, not so much. Also along that same point, my 3b/3c curls always felt like they needed additional moisture after applying this one so I always had to use a second product.

Final thoughts: If you are looking for a lightweight leave in that won’t weigh down your curls. I would recommend you give this a try. Remember you can get $10 off your first order from SleekShop.com

Short video that shows product texture:

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