Savvy Travelers and $10.00 off your first order (From SleekShop.com)

Sassy Nation,

As you all know by now I travel for my day job and it seems like when I travel is when I run out of products or use them enough to give you guys a review. Today I want to talk to you about the makeup wipes that I got from the Sleek Shop Self Love Day last summer. I went and was able to get a hold of their goodie bag and in it was these make up wipes from a brand called Savvy Travelers and let me tell you. I am a fan of them.

This is the back of the sealed makeup wipe. I love that these wipes come individually sealed so I don’t have to worry about wipes drying out as I travel.

I used these to remove my makeup , I went over my face once and removed about 95% of my make. The sheets are of a good size so I just needed one to use all over my face for initial makeup remover. These are great wipes to have weather you are traveling or not. I would recommend these there are a simple way to remove your makeup before you cleanse your face.

This one sheet removed a lot of makeup. On this day I was wearing a combination of the Beauty Blender foundation and the Charlotte Tilbury Foundation.

I also enjoyed how these wipes did not dry out or irritate my skin when I finished using them. They did take off a lot of makeup. Also when I removed the wipe from its package I found that the wipe has just the right amount of moisture, it didn’t feel too wet or too dry. These are small enough where you can throw them in your bag for travel, in your gym bag or purse. Each envelope contains one wipe, I just use it and throw it out. If you are looking for a wipe that is easy to carry and will remove almost all your makeup in just one wipe, then you should give these wipes a chance.

Remember having nice clean skin is a great way to end your day and a great way to prevent acne. It is best if you remove your makeup every time before you go to bed.

You can get these wipes from Sleek Shop’s website. Click here to go visit their site and get $10.00 off your first order.

Below you will find the video that I posted about these makeup wipes on my IG stories.

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