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Sassy Nation,

I know everyone is having a positive and productive time in their lives! So I was thinking about what to post this week and the first thing to come to mind was how many of you have given me some positive feedback on some of my Instagram posts. Specifically the ones where I have been sharing my outfit(s). Many of you have sent me messages asking me where I have obtained some of those pieces and I thought I would share.

Since I travel a lot for work, I have been finding ways for me to get what I need without having to actually go to a store. I was researching plus size fashion subscriptions boxes and I found Dia & Co. The first thing that caught my attention was that I had never heard about this company and I thought it couldn’t hurt to take their fashion quiz. They then let me set my budget for each piece and select how often I wanted my box. That felt like they were trying to get to know me and what I needed. I also uploaded two pictures of my favorite outfits to give my stylist and idea of what my taste were. I will say I have been very pleased with all the results. I have even received items that when I pulled them out of the box I was doubtful they would fit correctly and I was wrong. Turns out my stylist know better than me. It has also become obvious that they listen to what your needs are. I went into my profile to place a note indicating I was in need of jackets, and blazers that I could use for work and what I got did not disappoint. If you are looking for a box that delivers high quality pieces, listens to what you need and give you great options, this is the box. Below you will find some additional pictures with some outfits.

Click here to get styled from Dia & Co

Here is hoping that everyone find those outfits that make them feel sassy and amazing.

-The Sassy Genius

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