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Sassy Nation,

I hope everyone is having a great Holiday season. I am using the time to spend it with family, catch up on sharing some good stuff with all of you and relaxing.

As all of you know my curly hair needs moisture and I am always looking for a great leave-in conditioner to help keep my curls full of moisture and ready to be styled.

Today I am sharing a product from the Curls Professional Collection. I have used one whole bottle of this stuff and I love it. In this collection is the Cashmere and Caviar Hair Silk Leave In Conditioner/ Detangler. This did help me detangle my hair which helps. Also, I love how this just melted into my curls and instantly my hair felt soft. I also only used a quarter size amount for each section of hair that I put it into and that seems to work great. My hair is really dry so that is how much I needed to use if I was only using the Hair Silk as a leave in, if I was using it with another leave in then I could use a nickel or dime size amount per section of hair. If you are looking for a light leave-in conditioner that penetrates your hair quickly and leaves your hair feeling soft then give this one a try. My only issue with this is that it only comes in an 8oz bottle, for someone like me I need larger bottles of leave in conditioner.

This is the back of the bottle with all the ingredients listed for you.

I purchased mine from Target and since I used by Red card I was able to get 5% off and you can also purchase it on their website. Click on the links below:

Click here to purchase from Target

Click here to purchase directly from Curls website

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