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Sassy Nation,

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor or a health care professional. I am simply sharing where I was and what has helped me get better. This blog post is not designed to replace a visit to the doctor or replaces the advice of a medical professional.

Now that we got the disclaimer out of the way, I am really excited to share with you the site where I order pretty much all my vitamins and supplements from that I need to stay healthy. A little background story about 2 years ago my health was not in the best condition and I was catching the flu every other week, pretty much. I had been to several doctors and none of them could figure out what was wrong. I finally found a doctor that works with IV therapy and alternative medicine, he was able to help me design a plan for me. This plan includes me taking two pre-natal vitamins a day, 6,000 milligrams of vitamin c and vitamin d twice a day. I also go to him every two weeks and get a Myers vitamin through IV therapy and let me tell you I have seen great improvement. What he was able to determine based on my symptoms and test is that 1) I have IBS and 2) my immune system was weak and 3) my stomach was producing too much acid, therefore he came up with this as a basis to give my immune system the vitamins it needs to fight back and be strong. Since I have started this regime, thank god I have only caught the flu once. 

Swanson is having a deal of 35% off their brands and 20% off other brands.  Below you will find pictures of what I take.

Click here to take advantage of this deal!

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Wishing everyone good health all year around!

-The Sassy Genius

P.S. If you want more details on some of this stuff, let me know or send me an email at elementsofsass2015@gmail.com

P.S.S If you want $10 off your order send me an email at elementsofsass2015@gmail.com and I can send you your individual code for that. I have to do it this way because that is the way the system is designed.

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