Black Friday Asics 30% Off

Hey Sassy Nation, Here is another Black Friday Deal I love, 30% Off shoes at Asics. Why I love Asics shoes? It's because they are the only brand that I have found that has shoes that help me with my supination (this means when I step my foot rolls outward). My supination was so bad… Continue reading Black Friday Asics 30% Off

One Day Sale 50% off Smashbox at

Sassy Nation, I have another deal for all of you. I just got an email in my inbox that informed me that Smashbox is 50% off. This is a one day only deal so you better jump on it and take advantage. They have some lipsticks and liquid lipsticks on sale. Click here to go… Continue reading One Day Sale 50% off Smashbox at

Black Friday 40% Off CurlSmith

Sassy Nation, Happy Thanksgiving to all those who are in the United States. I hope everyone is doing well surrounded by love and blessings. As many of you might know, I worked in retail for many years at a mall, as such I now shop online as much as possible. Especially around the holidays. So… Continue reading Black Friday 40% Off CurlSmith

Black Friday Luxie Beauty 50% Off

Sassy Nation, If you are looking for some great quality brushes that apply product beautifully and last a long time well then Luxie Beauty is for you! I have had their brushes for over a year now and they work great with liquid and powder products and at 50% off for this weekend only, this… Continue reading Black Friday Luxie Beauty 50% Off

Black Friday Deal Swanson

Sassy Nation, Disclaimer: I am not a doctor or a health care professional. I am simply sharing where I was and what has helped me get better. This blog post is not designed to replace a visit to the doctor or replaces the advice of a medical professional. Now that we got the disclaimer out… Continue reading Black Friday Deal Swanson