Felina Lashes Mermaid Collection and then some.

Hey Sassy Nation,

I hope everyone is doing great. About a week ago I was in beautiful Monterrey CA attending a Holiday Glam Workshop being hosted by Felina’s Lashes and makeup artist Carina Powers. Both are great, strong, entrepreneurs who are doing great things in the world of beauty. The fact they offered this workshop is a testament to their spirit of giving and of wanting to empower other women. I want to say thank you to them both for allowing me the opportunity to have been a part of the workshop. I appreciate all the knowledge they shared that evening with me.

If you don’t follow these amazing ladies on Instagram you should: @Felina_lash and @mrs.powersbeauty

Now what I really want to share with you all is what was inside my goodie bag that I got that evening and it was full of Felina’s lashes! Which are amazing.

First off can we just admire the pretty packaging with the inspirational quote on the back!



These are some great lashes and there are a lot of different styles to chose from, so everyone should be able to a style that enhances your eyes and compliments the makeup look you are going for. I love that the band is made of cotton as it makes them super comfortable to wear all day. Also, I don’t know how she did it but the length of every lash is perfect. You have lashes like the “Lorelei” which are great for everyday wear and then there are more fuller pairs like the “Kailani” or “Kaimana” which will enhance that smokey eye. I also learned that you should always size the lashes you buy to fit your eye and if you do need to cut them you cut from the outer portion of the lash. If you are looking for a comfortable pair of lashes that are easy to apply and stay on all day, these lashes are a must have. Each lash pair will last you more than 4 uses and maybe even more if you take care of them. I would recommend you give them a try. To get a hold of one or more of these go ahead and send Felina a DM through Instgram @Felina_lash


Below are up close pictures of all the lashes I got in my bag:


With these lashes, you will be all ready to give everyone those sassy sexy eyes!

If there is another product you would like to see from me, send me an email at Elementsofsass2015@gmail.com





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    1. Yes, they are so pretty. You should definitely check out her Instagram profile and view some of the other designs she has. I am glad you liked the post. Thank you for reading and commenting!

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