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The last think you should do before bed is always remove your makeup. This is a rule I live by and I believe it is what has helped me keep my skin so nice. It doesn’t matter if I go to bed at 9:00PM or at 3:00AM, I have always removed my makeup before I got to sleep. For years I have been looking for a makeup remover that doesn’t make me tug at my eyes too much, doesn’t irritate my eyes and has the ability to break down water proof makeup. While I have always liked the Mary Kay Makeup Remover, for the past few months I have been trying non-liquid makeup removers as I have been looking for something that does not have the potential of leaking when I travel. I am happy to report I have finally found the eye makeup remover that will stay with me forever.

It is the Balms Away Eye Makeup Remover from The Balm Cosmetics

Now when you first open the little metal tub you see a bunch of white stuff that looks a little greasy. Let me tell you when I first saw it, I thought to myself this is going to be a little too greasy and will leave film on my skin and my eye. Let me tell you I was wrong.


As you can see I have been using this for a few months now and I really like the results. I usually rub my ring finger in the formula and it warms up a bit, then I will go ahead and close my eye and rub it all over in circular motions. I usually do that for about a minute or so to make sure that all the eye makeup I am wearing breaks down.

Once all my makeup has been broken down then I will take a cotton round to wipe it all off. If necessary I will repeat if I feel some mascara has been left behind, but that doesn’t happen very often. It leaves my skin clean and smooth no greasy feeling at all.

I love that it is easy to open, all you have to do is press the bottom part of the container and the other side of the container lifts open. When you close it, the seal it tight so I don’t have to worry about it leaking.



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