Gratitude #7

Hey Sassy Ones,

I know that I have been away for a while, I’ve been #adulting, you all know how it goes, there are times in life that you just are consumed with certain things (I’ll share more later on what I have been up to). For now, let me get back to completing this 30-day gratitude prompts:

What memory are you grateful for?

I don’t have only one memory that I am grateful for. I will say that recently due to recent family events the memories that I cherish the most are any memory that has to do with my family. When I think back of all the stuff we have been through, I am amazed at how we keep close and make it through. We have been through everything from housing discrimination to family member with terminal illness, deaths and yet we always remember that we love each. I blessed to have been born into a family of love, respect and loyalty towards one another, they are one of the top reasons why I strive to be better everyday. Each day with them, good or bad, is a blessing for we all learn and grow together.

Remember to cherish your family, love them, respect them and make some great memories together.

By the way, my family includes not just blood relatives but also all the friends that have turned into family.

Much magic, sass, and good vibes from me to all of you!

-The Sassy Genius

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