Sassy Life Lesson- Your voice/ your advocacy

December 5, 2017 – Your voice, your advocacy

Sassy Nation,

Lately, life has put me in a situation where I have had to use my voice to advocate for either myself or those that I love. After I had advocated in every situation I asked myself the same question: why do I need to be so aggressive about this to get what I need for myself or for my family? I am suppose to be dealing with experts in the field, they should get it and they should know better. The truth is they don’t, I have come to learn that no one knows what is best for you than you. You know your body, mind and spirit better than anyone because you carry those everyday and you need to do what is best to keep the mind, the body and the soul healthy. Society teaches us and instills in us that there are people who are “experts” weather it be in the medical profession, real estate profession or educational profession and since these people are experts that means that they can tell you what is best for your mind, body and soul. The truth is they can’t. Yes, they are experts in their field of study and that makes them highly knowledgeable and they can share their knowledge and experience to help you make a decision in your situation. Ultimately that decision is up to you not to them, and when they feel like they can tell you what to do especially when it feels wrong you are under no obligation to do as they tell you. You are on your own life path, and you have to feel good about what you decide, no one can tell you what to feel, what to do, or how to do it. You make those decisions. So as you travel on the journey of life, I recommend each one of you use your voice to get want you need/want for every situation that you encounter, for you and you families. I know that sometimes in the presence of experts we have been taught to be silent but doing so means we sacrifice a bit of ourselves. Use your voice to honor yourself, to protect yourself and those you love and most importantly to feed you mind body and soul.

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