Sassy Life Lesson- Be respectful

November 30, 2017- Remember one another…..

Sassy Nation,

I hope everyone had a great holiday season, some well deserved time off and some great time to spend with loved ones. Today I want to share with everyone how we have a responsibility to each other as humans to be kind and to each other well being. Earlier this evening I had planned out an evening with my parents. We have all had a rough year considering the fact we had a family member diagnosed with a serious illness (I won’t go into details about that as I am not ready to put all of it out on the table). Now back to the story, I figured my parents and me deserved to have a night out to just relax from everything. We went to dinner and after we went to a movie, as people began to come in we soon realized that we were surrounded by sick people. By sick people, I mean not just having the sniffles but full on coughing stuff up in the middle of the movie theater. These same people were also mentioning how they were running fevers and some of them even said they shouldn’t be there but were there anyway. At that moment my parents and I knew that we had to leave and it wasn’t just because we hate getting the flu.

You see in my house catching a cold or the flu comes with some serious secondary consequences. I have a family who in the past had a stroke and catching a cold or the flu now can cause this family member of mine to have a second stroke. You see once a person has a stroke, their physical makeup is different. After they have a stroke something as small as catching a cold or the flu can turn into pneumonia. In addition, the actual illness in combination with taking antibiotics has the potential to raise someone’s blood pressure to the point of having a second stroke. As I mentioned before I have another family member that has a serious illness and if that person were to catch a cold or flu then that means that he has to stop his current treatment (which is designed to safe this person’s life) wait until he gets better and then resume treatment. Here is the kicker all the treatment he has completed no longer counts thus it just extends the time in the hospital.

While it may have not been a big deal to those people to show up sick to the movie and possibly get my parents and myself sick. It is a big deal for me and my family and I do consider it serious.

Now that I am home, I think about all the times I have been sick and how I always think to myself I can’t go anywhere and risk getting other humans in the world sick with the cold or flu because I don’t know what their situation is and repercussions my act of spreading my germs would cause them.

I share this story to say this, while we cannot control the actions of others we can control the actions of ourselves and when our actions have the potential to cause someone else harms that is just irresponsible and downright disrespectful. As people of the human race I think we owe it to one another to be responsible that our actions won’t harm another person and to be respectful. I want you all to remember that always. My lesson learned is that if you have these two foundation block you can work out a lot of stuff, when you don’t have these foundation block it will be difficult to move forward in a positive manner.

Be responsible for your actions, make sure your actions do no harm and be respectful. Something simple to you, may have large repercussions for someone else. Make sure your actions are positive so the repercussions can be even more positive.

Lots of hugs and positive sass from me to you all.

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