Sassy Life Lesson – who you are

Hey Sassy Ones,

I hope that all of you are getting ready to have an amazing weekend! The whole point to this part of the page is for me to share with you all some of the wisdom I’ve learned from my years of living. It was interesting when about a week ago, I was having a conversation via text with him and he was asking me what I had learned from a recent contract gig I did and the following was my response:

The experience of this contractual obligation has reminded me that I am much more than just a title, the school I went to or who I know. I am who I am on the inside and even though I’m not perfect I accept me for everything that I am and everything that I am not. Every day I work to become a better version of who I am. Titles and where I went to school are nice to have but if I don’t have them or if they go away that does not mean the end of me. It simply means I have the opportunity to reinvent myself and/or change what I was doing, but titles and where I went to school do NOT make up who I am, who I AM makes me good at a job or a school. No one can take that from me.

Late last year I was laid off from the organization I was working with and for a moment there I thought all my hard work was gone and that without my title that I had nothing. However, this time that I have taken to be an independent contractor has allowed me to look and me and define who I am and I learned the following:

  1. I may not have a nice title or a steady paycheck but that does not change the fact that I am a hard working individual with a good work ethic and I just want to make the wold a better place.
  2. I am not perfect and that is ok. Every day I learn new things or am reminded of old lessons that make me a better person.
  3. I have learned to think about things wisely and smartly so that I give me time and effort to the things that matter to me and put a smile on my face.

I urge all of you sassy ones, to use your sassy energy to find who you are and what makes you happy. Once you find that build on those things. Trust me I know it’s easier said than done but it is worth it.

Don’t sweat the small stuff and I look forward to talking to you all soon!

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