Gratitude #6

Sassy Nation,

Yes, I know that I lost track of these for several days. What can I say, life stuff happens but I’m back here to finish up the 30 days (which for me has now turned into 30 prompts of gratitude):

Prompt #6: What in nature are you grateful for?

I will start off by saying that this response is being heavily influenced by my recent visits to the Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary in the City of Pacific Grove and my visit to the California Academy of Sciences Museum in San Francisco.

In nature, I am grateful for the following two items, butterflies, and water.  I have always been attracted to butterflies and I think they are amazing creatures. They come in some many shapes, sizes, and colors that they just take my breath away. Every time I see them they are the most graceful creatures that glide and dance in the air.  I have had the pleasure of having them land on me as well and when they do, I feel like the luckiest person as they are allowing me the opportunity to be part of their world. A butterfly will always make me smile (for those that know me they know I don’t bust a smile just for any reason).

Water is a force of nature that is so powerful that it can not only give life but it can also destroy it as well. I at times aspire to be like water a force that can adapt to anything that is in her way. She can relax, inspire and incite emotions. I go to her when I need to balance and re-center myself, she always reassures me that everything is alright. I have been fortunate that throughout my entire life, no matter where I go she is always near in the form of a lake, ocean or even the rain. She reminds me that I am smart, powerful and beautiful just like her. I’m still working on being able to adapt just like her.

Sassy Ones, I encourage to go into nature and appreciate the beauty that is there.

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