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I was recently asked what is the best tip I have to prevent acne and the best advice I have is to clean your brushes on a regular basis. By doing so, you will prevent bacteria from building up in the brush and getting on your face.

I will start off by telling you how long I use my brushes to apply makeup:

  • Face Brushes, including foundation, contour, highlighter, and face powder, I only use these brushes for a max of two times each. They tend to hold on to a lot of product which means there is more opportunity for bacteria to grow. Once again if you just keep using the brushes that bacteria will end up on your skin and turn into acne.
  • Eye brushes. At max, I will use these for about one week, no more. Once again they have the potential to grow bacteria.

I know what many of you are thinking right now, that means I’m going to need a ton of brushes and the answer is probably yes. You want to have enough brushes so that you can keep rotating new ones in. Nowadays there are a lot of affordable brushes that do a great job. You can also sign up for a brush subscription service like Morphe Me, for $20.00 a month you can get 3-8 brushes so you will always have a clean brush ready to go. I actually love this service as I have gotten some great brushes for a really good price. Whatever brushes I don’t end up using make great gifts.

Disclaimer: I would not try this on natural hair brushes only synthetic brushes.

Image 1I usually clean brushes about once a week. I start off Image 2by taking a cup and filling the bottom portion with 91% alcohol in it. Why 91% alcohol? because it is the one that when I dip the brush in it all the makeup in the brush comes off. I dip my makeup brush in there and swirl it around until I see all the makeup from the brush come off.


Once I can see that the makeup is in the alcohol and no longer on the brush, then I Image 3proceed to wash the brush on a textured silicon mat. To finish cleaning the brush I will add soap and water to the silicon textured mat. Let me take a moment to answer one of the FAQ’s I get at this point. Why do you use that textured mat? For two reasons, 1) it is so much affordable than other silicon mats I have seen out there on the market and 2) It gets the jobs done just as well. You all know that if I can save money I will.

Now as for the soap I like to use is Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps. They have it in several scents, pick the one you like the most. It is a 100% all natural soap, the ingredients have never harmed my makeup brush hairs and it leaves them feeling soft. You only need to use a few drops per brush. Also, FYI don’t freak out if you don’t see it foam up. It is still working and cleaning.

Image 4Once the soap and water are on the silicon mat, I will go ahead and swirl the brush on the mat. The texture on the mat ensures the soap get into all the hairs. This is my final step before rinsing so I make sure to use this as a chance to get all the stuff that I may have missed before.





‫Image 5Then I finally run the brush under clean running water for Image 6like 2 minutes or until the water comes clear. At this point, I can feel that the soap is gone. Then you are left with a nice clean brush. I have been using this process for years and it has always worked for me. It gets all of my brushes clean no matter how heavy the makeup I use.


Now is a good time for me to tell you that after I wash my brushes, I put a brush guard on them and a lay them down flat on a towel and leave them there for 2-3 days until they completely dry.  A brush guard is a plastic net that goes over the brush which helps the brush to keep its shape. There are the original ones that are stiff but I use some that I got from Amazon that I have found work just as well for me.


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    1. Brooke, I am so glad you are motivated. Trust me, I know how much of a drag it is to clean brushes and the minute I started to do this on a regular basis my skin cleared up so much. Trust me it is worth it. If you have any questions on this or any of my posts, let me know.

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