Gratitude #3

Sassy Nation,

Happy Christmas Eve or Feliz Noche Buena! (for those of you that don’t know Christmas Eve is a big deal in Latino culture)

Prompt #3: What color are you grateful for?

I can’t think of a better prompt for this day. When the world (for the most part) is decorated in so many colors and families use those to create a festive environment. I will have to say that I am grateful for all the colors that exist as I have used them all at once point to describe any and all emotions. I am also one of the very blessed people in the world who has the ability to see and distinguish all the colors. Not everyone has that blessing and we need to remember that color is all around us and that we should never take colors for granted.

One of the reasons that nature is so breathtaking is because of the way it combines and displays colors. If you haven’t had the chance to notice this I suggest you add to your bucket list seeing a sunset in 10 different places, during different seasons and you will know what I mean. Having colors is one thing but being able to recognize and appreciate them is another.

Appreciate and be thankful for all the colors you see and recognize, take the time to learn what each color does for you. Does it bring back a memory, does it make you smile, does it make you sad? Recognize those feeling and honor them, remember that it is ok to have different emotions in one day, one hour, etc.

Sassy Nation go have an amazing noche buena surrounded by color, love, family, friends, and all good things. Be thankful for what you have as there someone else in the world who probably wishes they had only one thing of what you have. Remember to use your Sass to make the environment you are in yours, positive and create memories.

Feliz Noche Buena

Lots of Hugs

-The Sassy Genius

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