Gratitude #2

Sassy Nation, here goes day 2:

Prompt: What technology are you grateful for?

This is a good one, we use technology so much that we forget the good things it does for us and our lives, we should be grateful for the ability to have and use it, as not everyone has that opportunity.  For me I look at this prompt and think I am grateful for two different types of technology: 1) Technology gadgets and 2) software or platforms. As for technology gadgets I am most grateful for the laptop. I’ve had different laptops in my time, but ever since I got one as a gift (from my father) back when I first started in college, and the laptop helped me with mobility and efficiency. My laptop allowed me to capture more information from school and it allowed me to learn and work remotely. Doing this allowed me to earn the income that I need to help cover costs for school. In addition I was able to keep a journal on my computer as well as to work through my stress, emotions and clarify my thoughts. My laptop has been with me always from many years now and has helped me to do so many things from work, personal, and even this blog.

As for technology software or platforms I am grateful for social media as it has allowed to keep up with with friends who are near and far. I’ve meet new people, gone to new places and been able to support some amazing people who are doing great things in the world through social media. My hope is that everyone will remember that social media was designed to connect us in a positive way not as a tool to tear other people down. Even more I hope the Sassy Nation continues to use social media to spread good vibes  and share the amazing thing you all are doing. Use the power of social media to encourage one another and give each other props for making it through life.

Share in the comments what technology you are grateful for?

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