Gratitude Day 1

Sassy Nation,

As the end of the year comes upon us, I think of the following two things 1) Where has the year gone! Seriously it went too fast and 2) It has been a year full of learning and a lot of emotional output for a variety of reasons.  As a result I have found that for some reason it is easier for the mind to first think up of everything that has been bad or did not go as planned. In an effort to work on my positive thinking I went on Pinterest and saw the 30 days of gratitude journal prompt. I have decided to share those here as they don’t fit in the “Sassy Lessons or the Sassy Finances” Section of the page and because I am using the blog as a way to keep myself accountable to completing this. So I will be sharing these on a daily basis to 1) Remind myself that life is still good and 2) I figure it might be a good way for you all to get to know me better as a person. So here goes:

Prompt #1 What smell are you grateful for today? 

Any smell coming from my kitchen is a smell I am grateful for. This isn’t just because I love food but it is because it reminds me of my mom. Any smell from the kitchen tells me that my mom is doing what she loves and is happy. As much work as it is for her to do everything from scratch she always does it and never cuts corners. This has taught me that in life there is no short cuts (especially if you are a person of color). You have to put in the work to get the result you want, very rarely will you be able to cut corners to get the outcome you want. She has taught me to put pride and passion into what I do and I get to do that everyday in all that I do. You see any smell from the kitchen isn’t just a smell from the kitchen, it is a reminder of lessons taught, as well as lessons that are to come. It is also a reminder that my mother is not immortal and that I must make time in this life to love, be with here and enjoy time with her. It reminds me that the bullshit we argue about most of the time is just not worth it and if it makes her happy to think she was right then so be it, I won’t argue with her because at the end of the day those arguments won’t matter, what will matter is what she taught me and the memories I will have with her.

Sassy Nation, remember it is the small things that remind us of what is important. You job to treat those things as such important.


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