Curlsmith has arrived!

Sassy Nation,

I hope everyone is having a great holiday season so far. This winter has been rough on my luscious curls and no matter how many deep treatments I do and no matter how much moisturizing conditioner and cowash I use, my curls have still felt dry. For those of you that follow me on Instagram you know that recently I purchased a full box of products from Curlsmith and let me tell you it has been the best decision I have made for my curls. I have also decided that I will never ever go without Curlsmith ever!

Yesterday before I jumped in the shower I decided I would give the Curl Quenching Conditioning Wash a try and it did not disappointment. First of the scent of this is amazing, I swear this is what heaven smells like. It smells so good, i’m at a loss for words to describe it. They should make that scent into a perfume. So the instructions says to apply a “generous blob” I took a different approach. I took small amounts and worked it through each section of my hair and immediately I could feel the difference. It penetrated my hair and made it softer and for the first time in a long time I was able to de-tangle my curls with just my fingers. I slowly added additional product as I felt necessary.  I then put my hair up in a clip, finished my shower then rinsed out right before I jumped out of the shower.

The product comes out of the bottle pretty thick and as you work it through your hair it Samplebecomes super lightweight and just melts into your curls. The product has enough thickness that it stays in your hair and doesn’t slide out. Every dry patch of curls I had disappeared. The only thing that could make this product better is if they added a pump to the bottle, but the product is so go that I can let that go.





Why was it so moisturizing? Well because it has the right amount of moisturizing ingredients (see the picture below for the awesome list).


If your curls are in need of serious moisture, trust me, you want this in your regime. I’m also in love with the fact that this product is vegan and cruelty free.

I do think that the stars of the show are both the Andiroba and the Resurrection flower.Secret Ingredients Those are two ingredients I have never found in my other products and I think that is what makes this formula so great and my curls love those ingredients. The fact that the moisture stay in my hair all day today is a testament of that. See the picture below for more information on these two ingredients as Curlsmith explains it very well on the bottle.

Guess what Sassy Nation?! I have a discount code for you all to get your hands on some of this awesomeness, click here to get it.

I would even recommend this if you have straight hair, if you need moisture, you need this product.

I know the world tells us curly girls that we should straighten our hair to either look more polished or to fit in with the mainstream. It took a long time for me to love my curls and I am here to tell you curls add to your awesomeness! Go rock them sassy curls.

Things to remember:

  • I purchased all items mentioned with my own money.
  • This is not a sponsored post
  • My curl type is 3b/3c.

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