Night time Skin Care December 2017

Sassy Nation,

As a follow up to my day time skin care routine. I am now also sharing my night time routine along with all the products I use to get my skin prepared for my beauty rest time. Yes rest is important to skin care, trust me the less you sleep the more your skin will show it.

Usually night times means I have to take off everything I put on my face. I actually start by taking off my makeup. To remove my makeup I use one or more of the following:

Dermalogica Pre Cleanse Oil

A) Dermalogica Pre-cleanse oil: I love this one because it breaks down all the makeup on my face. I love the fact that this is packaged with a pump. For those of you that don’t know I love products in pumps, let me tell you why? When a product is in a pump that means that the pollution and bad stuff in the air can’t get into the product and mess up the formula. One of the reason products work well is because of how the ingredients work together, whenever you introduce something (such as pollution or bad stuff in the air) to the mix that messes up how ingredients work together and sometimes it can cause products to go bad which means money down the drain. If you have read the Sassy Finances section you know I’m not about that life, I’m all about making money and making it go far. Back to the oil, I usually take one pump and begin to spread it all over my face and let it dissolve all the makeup of. Then I will wash it off with water. You will notice the oil turn a milky white color, don’t worry that normal. Rinse it off and you will be fine. With this cleansing oil I love the fact that i can just pump some oil on some cotton pads and it will remove my eye make up as well.

B) Sunday Riley Blue Moon Tranquility Cleansing Balm: This is a thick balm that Sunday Riley 1Sunday Riley 2dissolves the makeup on your face. It is smooth and hydrating, in addition it has little beads that help exfoliate your face. When you rinse it off it leaves your skin feeling smooth and hydrated. The only downside to this for me, is that you have to dip your fingers in it every day which is probably the main reason I won’t be purchasing this again. It has melted any foundation that I have put on my face and I’m the type a gal that likes full coverage and it needs to last 10 or more hours. This balm has taken off some heavy duty foundation and lip makeup. I tried to use this for my eye makeup and it didn’t work. It just did not take off all of my eye makeup. If you are looking for something to only remove face makeup this product will do that. This is an overall good product that I don’t think you hear about enough.

C) Mary Kay Oil Free Makeup Remover: It doesn’t matter what makeup I use, this melts it Oil free makeup removerall away. I have yet to find a dupe or anything that comes close to it. Waterproof makeup doesn’t stand a chance against this pink bottle. Some serious magic happens in there when you shake up the bottle then soak a cotton pad with it then glide it over your face. Is isn’t greasy and it dissolves all everything. You do have to purchase this from a Mary Kay consultant which means your purchase help a woman run her own business. It helps when you can shop and do good at the same time.




Once I remove all my face and eye makeup then I use my cleaners with or without a Cleanserclarisonic. If I feel I need a deep clean then I will use my clarisonic other wise I just go ahead and add a nickle size amount to one of my facial buffs and rub it all over my face. To cleanse this face I trust the Is Clinical Cleansing Complex, it has helped me get my acne under control and helped with my acne scars as well. It leaves my skin feeling super clean and ready for my next step. Every since I started to use this cleanser I can’t stop. Every time I go to another cleanser I come back to this one because it does such a good job on my skin.


Active SerumAll the cleaning of my face is done, now I add all the stuff to repair and hydrate my skin. At night your skin has more time rest, repair and regenerate itself. I take advantage of that by putting on products that will help this. The first thing I put on is my Is Clinical Active Serum, this little tine bottle is potent. I usually take 3-4 drops, rub it in my hands and then pat it into my face. When I initially put it on, I do feel a tingling sensation and it goes away after a minute or two. This magic in a bottle has even helped some small pimples disappear over night and has also helped eliminate acne scars that I have had for years. This is one of the things I am never letting go of.


I usually give this about a minute or two to sink into my skin before I apply my moisturizer. I use the same moisturizer morning and night, the Is Clinical Reparative Moisture Emulsion. Fir more details on this moisturizer, see my blog post on my morning skin care routine.

Then it is time for eye cream, and for that I have two favorites. Once upon a time ago, I didn’t use eye cream because it didn’t matter what I used it always left my eye burning and it wouldn’t go away until I washed it off. I have found the following two options to be the only eye creams that work for me and my eyes:

A) Dermalogica Ultrasmoothing Eye Serum: This is a clear liquid and I only use one drop Dermalogica Eyefor both my under eye and eye lid. It soaks into the skin really quickly and is not greasy at all which I love. On days that I feel I need more moisture, I just add a drop and it works even better. Leaves my skin feeling soft and firm. Since I’ve been using this, I have not see any new wrinkles show up. If you are like me an looking to prevent wrinkles this is the eye serum for you.




B) Then there is the Lira Clinical MYSTIQ Perfecting Eye Creme with PSC. I can do both my under eyes and eye lids with only one pump of this product. The product is thick with moisture yet it is so light weight and it absorbs well into the skin. There are times when I can feel my skin get firmer with this. I love it. There is no hyperlink on this one as you have to get it from a licensed esthetician.

Once my face is ready for bed, I will usually crochet for about an hour before my head hits the pillow. Which reminds me change your pillow case at least once a week, as it can store sweat, tears, dry skin flakes and other stuff you don’t want penetrating your skin. Remember you skin is the largest organ on your body and it has the ability to absorb stuff from multiple places.

Things to remember:

  • I bought all these products myself, and I have been using them for over one year. I have a good sense that these do work
  • My skin type is combination dry skin, this may not work for you if you have oily skin.
  • Yes, I know several of these products are expensive. As I mentioned in a previous post to me skin care is an investment and I am willing to make that investment. I would rather spend on skincare than a pair of shoes. I’m not forcing you to purchase these products I am simply sharing what I use.
  • You can save yourself a little money by purchasing products online using Ebates, an online platform that gives you a rebate for shopping online. You can sign up for free and they send you a check with your rebate amount. Trust me this works, I have tried it and I have gotten money back. Click here for more information.


Links to where you can get your hand on all this good stuff:

Sassy nation take time for yourself and to treat yourself right! If you have any questions let me know in the comments below!

Talk to you all soon!

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