Morning Skin Care November 2017

This blog post comes in response to a picture I posted on Instagram recently. (Yes, I’m on Instagram, you can follow me @thesassygenius)


The most common question I have been asked from the picture has nothing to do with my makeup but how do I care for my skin to make sure the makeup I put on top looks flawless.

First off let me say, I have always believed that skin care is one of the most important thing you should master. Everyone has different skin and you need to find the skin regime that is best for you. All that said I will admit there came a time when I felt I needed help in this area so I broke down and invested in a visit with an awesome esthetician. She is wonderful, has been doing my eyebrows for years and my skin has never looked better and when I deviate from the regime I pay for it. Visiting an esthetician also allowed me to learn about the type of skin I have and how to treat it. In case you are wondering, I go to Ma Belle Clinical Skin Care in Fremont, CA. I always go see Monica and everyone there is really nice.

Let me also say this before anyone starts to complain about it. Yes, the products I use are expensive and I make a choice to invest in my skin care. For some reason I have found that good skin care cost money the ingredients are better and what it does for my skin is like nothing else. I don’t have dupes because when it comes to skin care I don’t believe dupes exist. I personally make room in my monthly budget to cover the cost of my skin care and if necessary I pick up some side work to help cover the costs. For me my skin care routine is what I do for me, to make myself feel good, to take care of myself, and when my face including my skin care routine is done in the morning, I feel I can take on the world.

Now that we got all the basic stuff out of the way let me start telling you what I use and how I use it.

Pigment Bar 2

I start off by cleansing my face with the pigment bar from PCA skin. For those of you that are like me and have hyper pigmentation this is a must. This whole little container will last me more than 8 months so for me it is well worth the investment of $39.00


I apply it by getting a facial buff (which i get from target) all wet then, I take the facial buff and lay it flat on top of the pigment bar. Then I rub the pigment bar in a circular motion.

Facial Buffs


Pigment Bar 1

Sometimes I will see the bar lather in the jar, once that happens I go ahead and begin to apply it to my face using circular motions. Once my face is covered in those awesome little bubbles, I leave it on my face for 2 minutes before I rinse it off. Since I’m obsessive about my skin care I actually time the 2 minutes.

Once I have rinsed my face and it is feeling clean then it is time to apply my serum. I have dry/combination skin. Before when my skin was feeling dry I would just add more moisturizer but that left me feeling greasy. I talked it over with my estetician and she recommended this serum and I can’t live without it. Ever since I started using this over a year ago, my face has never felt tight or dry. Best of all I don’t feel greasy. Well worth the $90.00. During the holiday season they have some cool gift sets that give you a great deal on this. I’m sure by now you are like “what is the name of that damn serum?” It is the Hydra-Cool Serum from IS Clinical.

Hydra Cool Serum

I only use one pump of this for my entire face. I will pump into my hands, rub my hands together and then I pat it into the skin on my face. It is lightweight and absorbs into the skin really well. A pump is not much and the serum does have a blue tint to it.

One pump serum

The serum has helped smooth the texture of my skin and my skin is now soft as well. I leave that on my skin for about one minute before I move on to my final step.

I finish off with one pump of my Reparative Moisture Emulsion moisturizer also from IS Clinical. I apply this in the same manner as my serum. This is quick to absorb on the skin and doesn’t leave me feeling greasy. My skin feels soft and healthy once I add this final step. I have also noticed that this has helped with my laugh lines. This bottle will last me about 6 months as I use this twice a day in the morning and at night. Don’t worry my night care skin routine will be up later on this week.

Things to remember:

  • I purchased all these products myself and no one is paying me to review these products. I am blessed to have a day job that allows me the financial security to buy these things for myself.
  • Between each step make sure you give yourself like 10-20 seconds to prepare your skin for the next step. I have found that by doing this, I let me skin absorb the products I am using. Then they can really do their job.
  • As mentioned before I have no dupes for any of these products they are one of a kind and they are what has helped my skin. I am now 34 and I get more compliments now on my skin that I ever have before.
  • I’m not against drugstore skincare, 99% of it has broken me out which is why I had to find products that didn’t. Those products just happen to be expensive. I’m sorry I know this isn’t what you want to hear but part of being sassy means being honest.
  • Remember to find what works best for you and your skin. Keep in mind I share information on this blog/ site because I get asked these questions a lot and I want to share all the good knowledge I have with the Sassy Nation. My hope is you use the information provided to take care of yourself, be and feel like the amazing bad ass that you are. Once you feel that way you can go make the world a better place. Remember I think the world needs more constructive love and understanding, if we can just consistently share that with one another I think the world would be a lot better off.
  • If you have any questions on this or there is a specific topic you would like for me cover on the site feel free to leave me a comment below or sent me an email at elementsofsass2015@gmail.com

Where can you get all this stuff:

  • By purchasing from a licensed estetician (It’s a great way to support women in small business)
  • PCA Skin
  • DermStore
  • Target


Sassy Nation, remember to accept who are, be the person you can be, remember you are more loved and cared for than you will ever know. Go out an conquer the world I look forward to seeing all the amazing thing you guys will do! #sassyones #sassynation

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