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Sassy Ones,

I trust that everyone is having a great week, and in the case that it is not a great week I’m sending you lots of good vibes for it to get better and hopefully this will grab your attention. So this week I have an eyeshadow palette that is only for $25.00 at Sephora.com. It’s the Gwen Stefani Urban Decay palette.

UD Gwen Stefani


First off, let me just say that I was personally upset when I first saw it one sale since I paid full price for that palette whem it first came out. Then after the first 10 seconds of being upset then I realized two things: (1) it’s a great opportunity for me to get a second palette for when I finish going through this one and (2) it’s a great opportunity for all of you to get your hand on this limited edition palette for an affordable price. The palette comes with a total of 15 eyeshadow colors. Each shadow is 1.4 grams.

UD Gwen Eyeshadows


Overall I like all the eyeshadows they blend well and I can create a lot of everyday looks. Plus the mirror on it has “Magic’s in the makeup” inprinted on it. How cute is that! You can tell I’m a fan of Gwen Stefani and No Doubt.

Magic Makeup

Now let me address what many of you are thinking that is a palette with a lot of neutrals and my response is yes it is. Keep in mind this palette was created by Gewn Stefani and if you look at her makeup taste it’s mostly neutrals. Why I like the palette is because I believer there is no such thing as having too many neutrals. For me it doesn’t matter what makeup look I am doing I always need two things: (1) a light eyeshadow to set my eyeshadow base and (2) a neutral to use as a transition shade or to clean up the the edges of my shadow. Therefore this is a palette I reach for quite often.

For $25.00 you get 15 eyeshadows, that comes out to $1.67 per eyeshadow. When was the last time you got an Urban Decay eyeshadow for that price. For those of you that had not gotten the palette but wanted too, here is your chance. For people that alreayd have the palette, at this price you can purchase a back up or you can purchase one as a gift. For the sale price this is a beauty steal.

Click here to get your palette for $25.00

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P.S. My blog post is not sponsored by Sephora, Urban Decay or any of the brands mentioned here. All thoughts are my own and all products have been purchased with m own funds.

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