Makeup Panic

Sassy Ones!

Have you ever had a moment where you reach for one of your favorite makeup/skin care items only to discover that it is all gone and you have no spare of that item! Recently that happened to me. I went to reach for my favorite Peter Thomas Roth Irish Moor Mud Mask deep cleansing mask only to realize that I was out.


At that moment I heard my mother’s voice in my head saying “Always buy a spare of what you use and keep it so when you run out you aren’t left out without anything”. As always my mother was right. I was in a panic as I was looking to really clean my skin right before my cousin’s wedding. It was then that I thought to myself “I must have an extra somewhere” and I was partially right.


I did find the Peter Thomas Roth Cucumber Gel Mask and Rose Stem Cell Mask, which in this situation I was going to make it work as I had not time to run to the store. While these do not completely replace my Irish Moor Mud Mask they do a great job and deep cleaning and leaving my skin feeling soft and awesome. The cucumber gel mask is cooling right when you put it on then as you wait the 20 minutes (or more) to take the mask off you can feel it tightening and cleaning out your pores. Once I am done then I just rinse it off and my skin feels clean and is soft. I also feel like my skin abosorbs my moisturizer products better after a mask.

I just saw a good deal of the Irish Moor Mud Mask on QVC so I will be grabbing a new one but for now I’ll just use these jems up.

In the comments tell me what your favorite masks are or which ones I should try?

For those of you that are wondering, below you will find links to where you can purchase these masks:




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