Welcome Sassy Ones!

Sassy Ones,

Welcome to Elements of Sass! I won’t tell you about myself in this part as I have provided details in the :about: section.  I want to have my first blog post answer my most frequently asked question:

How did you start off in makeup?

The answer is I didn’t start, it just kind of happened and I never stopped. In fact, there was a time I refused to use makeup and I thought it was not worth the time to deal with it. During that time the only thing I would put on my face was moisturizer. For years my mom would tell me to look presentable and put on makeup. Every time she said this I thought, I’m presentable I took and shower and I’m wearing clean clothes but for her it wasn’t enough. I also resisted putting on makeup because I felt that would turn me into someone I did not want to be. You see, ever since I was in 5th grade I was bullied, as I grew older it got worse but the girls that tortured me wore makeup, thought there were better than everyone else, and were self absorbed with their appearance. (Note: to all those who have/are being bullied, I know it hard to deal with that crap everyday but know that you are more powerful than you know, more special than you realize and you are loved. Find the things that make you healthy and happy and focus on those. More on this stuff later). At the time I thought that if I wore makeup it would turn me into the same girls that bullied me and I swore to never become them., therefore I swore not to wear makeup. Then came high school, and I took a dance class which included me having to perform and this meant putting on makeup. That is where it all began. At that time I would only put on makeup for performances, but let me tell you when I put the makeup on I felt like I had completed my look. One dance teacher told me that your look had to been seen be everyone in the audience including those in the back row and I had to look polished. Throughout high school I only wore makeup for performances and nothing else. Another reason I resisted wearing makeup in high school was because I noticed that girls that were wearing makeup on a daily basis were not preserving their skin. When they didn’t wear make their skin look awful and I wanted to preserve my skin for as long as possible. Then came the college years, when I was becoming more comfortable in my skin so I tried to use a little bit more makeup everyday, at first it was just mascara then a little eyeliner and some time later it became a full face of makeup. In retrospect what I learned was the following: (1) for some reason or another makeup up is my morning mood booster. It is the time of the day I get to be all about me and do what I want to do and look the way I want to look so that I can take on the day. (2) Doing my makeup feeds my creative side. I have come to learn that everyone has a creative side it just doesn’t come out in the form of music, art or dance. My creative side came out in makeup. Keep in mind just because I took a dance class didn’t mean I was good. In fact I was actually the nerd. Yes the nerd, and this nerd figured out a way to be creative and that was through makeup. (3) I have to do things that make me happy and make me feel good. Putting on makeup makes me happy. It’s not the only thing that makes me happy but its the first thing of the day that I get to do for me and to be me. I now know that being the best version of me everyday makes me happy.

So tell me Sassy Ones, how did you start your makeup journey? and if you haven’t started why not?

Hugs from me to all of you!


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  1. My journey with makeup began with 2 shades of wet n wild lipsticks that I had to sneak to wear I’m middle school. Hehe!

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